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What is a Preset?

A preset is all of the little edits I do in photoshop to edit one of my photos look made for you to do in just one click. It’s kind of like a created a personal photo filter! Once you buy them you have them forever! It’s the quick and easy way to make quality edits to your photos!

Do they work on iPhone and Andriod?

YES! My presets work on both iPhone and Andriod devices! There are separate installation instructions for both with the purchase of any preset or bundle pack!

How do I install a Preset?

I’ve created a step by step instructional booklet included with my preset download to help you install my preset! You will need the Lightroom app and the Dropbox app (both free!!) in order to install it! My instructions are very user-friendly with screen by screen instructions for both iPhones and Android users!

Do I need to pay for the Lightroom program to use your Presets?

No! You can use my presets with the free version of the Adobe Lightroom CC app.

Do I need a desktop to install your Presets?

Nope! It can all be done on your mobile device!

Can I print photos with your Preset edits or is it only for Social Media?

You can do whatever you would like with the images that you edit using my preset! Print, scrapbook, share etc!

How many photos can I use them on?

As many as you want! Once you purchase it you can edit any and all photos with it... forever! haha